Vår verksamhet är att göra gott

STELLA only supplies sustainable energy solutions that lower our customers costs from day 1. We are exchanging dirty energy with solar PV and energy storage solutions, both for base load and peak loads.

Stella är ett impact-företag.

Med allt Stella gör beaktas EU:s mål för hållbar utveckling (SDG), dessa är vår guide mot den bästa vägen. De energilösningar och finansiella modeller vi skapar syftar till att ge ett varaktigt genomslag och bidra till en framtid med hållbar utveckling.

Kolla in hur vi uppfyller andra mål nedan!

Se hur vi bidrar till SDG-målen

STELLAs energy solutions empower the growth of national infrastructure, as well as create new jobs for young people in Africa.
STELLA is a woman founded and owned company, both globally and locally. We promote women engineer ship, always striving to include women in our installation teams
By implementing sustainable electrification of both public and private sectors within the society, as well as building micro grids in rural areas, STELLA aims to effectively promote sustainable cities and societies
STELLA target small and large farmers in urban, peri-urban and rural areas in Sub-Saharan Africa. We will lower their high electricity bills and create better prerequisites for sustainable long- term food production, and thereby contribute to lowering the production costs and increasing productivity for this segment.
STELLA has electrified an institute for clean water research, that will promote new technologies providing rural communities with clean water. STELLA is continuously scouting new feasible solar irrigation technologies for our small scale farming segment
Our projects always include a recycling plan, making sure that all waste is taken care of during the project life cycle. We continuously look for technology partners with serious recycling agendas for their production.
One of STELLAs main customer segment is the health care sector. STELLA is working to make the health care safe by installing reliable and sustainable energy solutions at hospitals and health care centres.
STELLAs establishes local subsidiaries where we have business. STELLAs energy solutions empower the growth of national infrastructure, as well as create new jobs for young people in Africa
Helping our customers to reduce their diesel and fossil utilization contributes directly to climate action. Furthermore, STELLA educates facility managers at our customer sites in the understanding of sustainable energy solutions.
STELLA collaborates with the royal institute of Technology and University of Energy and Natural Resources to engage in student projects where CO2-emission reductions achieved with STELLA solutions are quantified. We strive to offer our sustainable solutions that also provide safe and cheaper energy to schools.
For us, electrification is a question about justice and equality. By electrifying rural hospitals, schools and farming sites, we contribute to reduced inequalities and strive towards creating more equal prerequisites in the societies we operate
We liaise with all our partners to keep SDG impact high on our common agenda. We commonly work to promote and work towards higher visibility on how our collaborations contribute to fulfilling as many SDG as possible per project.

Reference cases

In Sweden we have several installations that has been performing for years and we have more coming up. Our focus is always to create sustainable solutions that are profitable and customized for the clients needs.

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