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We combine market leading technologies with world class energy systems engineering

Off grid

STELLAs off-grid renewable energy solutions, including our stand-alone systems and mini-grid designs, are cost-competitive options to expand access to electricity. They represent a viable electrification solution that is rapidly scalable, environmentally sustainable, can be tailored to local conditions and, importantly, has the potential to empower both rural and peri-urban communities.

Stella is an expert when it comes to renewable energy, particularly when there is no grid available or limited availability. Off grid energy systems are excellent and reliable in outage situations and are dependable should potential disasters strike.

On grid

Grid tied solar systems can easily save you thousands of dollars in energy costs, thus making it one of the most popular forms of renewable energy worldwide. Stella can also include a storage solution in the on-grid system. The battery  can store energy from solar panels when it is not being used by the home or business and save it for later when it is needed. This increases the usefulness of solar panels directly to the owner. Without solar panels it is possible to charge the battery  at low tariff times and discharging during peak times.

Renewable energy coupled with battery storage as part of an on grid system can help you address many of the environmental policies that are in place as well as giving your consumers peace of mind that you are a sustainable business.


Solar PV

Reduce your reliance on the grid and save electricity costs. With solar PV you will have the possibility to go completely off-grid. This enables you to get energy cost savings while contributing to a greener future.

Stella offers high quality and robust solar panels from carefully chosen and validated suppliers.


Avoid costly power disruptions, improve grid balancing, store excess renewable energy and reduce your electricity costs. With our selection of batteries you will receive a high performance energy storage solutions tailored to perform whichever application you require. With leading technology and long lifespans not matter the application you will receive the energy storage solution right for you.

We are technology agnostic, however we only offer storage solutions from carefully chosen and validated suppliers. Currently we offer high quality batteries from our partner Tesvolt in Germany. View our other technology partners here.

Thermal Storage

Stella is partnering with a Swedish baseload energy storage supplier (Azelio). We offer this technology in hybrid storage systems in all our areas of operation in Africa and Sweden.

This technology uses Phase Changing Material (PCM) to store excess thermal energy and a Stirling engine to convert the thermal energy and produce a reliable supply of electricity.

Solar Heaters

Solar heating systems will reduce or eliminate your fuel use for commercial and industrial heating.  Lowering both your greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.

Stella offers seamlessly integrated high quality solar heating solutions based on recyclable solar collectors from trusted manufacturers.

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