High quality battery storage solution for Siemens Energy Finnspång

 In 2021

uring the summer of 2020, STELLA Futura AB won the contract to provide the Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center (ZEHTC) project with a solar park equipped with a world-leading stationary battery system.  

“STELLA Futura has successfully been able to provide Siemens Energy and the project “Zero Emission Hydrogen Turbine Center” with a unique energy storage solution combined with a solar PV park. STELLA were the only company, in our global tender, with the capability and competence to solve this task and offer Siemens Energy a stateof-the-art system. In addition, STELLA also included a leasing option for the battery solution, which has not been seen on the market before. I believe STELLA is in the forefront in delivering unique technology and business modelsThey have proven to understand our needs as their client, and delivered in close communication with our internal team at Siemens Energy.” 

ZEHTC is a demonstration plant to show how hydrogen and gas turbines, renewable energy production and energy storage work together in a future flexible and sustainable energy system. Behind the project are i.a. Siemens Energy AB, Chalmers University and the University of Bologna. One of the main reasons why STELLA was chosen as the supplier was that – “We have the access and expertise to supply the Swedish energy market with, by many considered, the world’s foremost Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). We are incredibly satisfied and proud that, we were the only company to meet the extremely high demands that Siemens Energy AB has placed on battery technology and system integration, ”says STELLA’s CEO, Ulrika Tornerefelt 

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Another reason for choosing STELLA Futura was that the company could offer a leasing and rental solution for battery system installations to commercial customers in the Nordic region.  

The BESS we deliver consists of a lithium-ion battery (NMC) with a prismatic battery cell. With this, maximum service life is obtained as it is integrated with a uniquely efficient control and optimization system. It is also this control system that is the basis for the high safety achieved with this battery system. Furthermore, the inverter has the market’s most impressive ability to handle frequencies in a frequency range as large as 45-54 Hz. This works all the way up to MW-sized BESS 

-Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO Stella

In the spring of 2021, the plant will be put into operation. Kraftpojkarna and Solarwork were chosen as partners for the actual installations of the solar park. Knowledge seminars will be arranged as well as a few unique site visits to show how the technology works where participants are given an insight into the innovative energy systems of the future may look like.

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