We are proud to announce that Isorent AB and Stella Futura have together put into operation a tailor-made energy system including solar cells and battery storage for the Swedish dairy farm Svenneby gård, located on Vikbolandet outside Norrköping.

Svenneby farm is the first dairy farm in Sweden to have made an investment in the combination of solar energy and battery storage and will be the first to benefit from its increased energy cost saving capabilities. Here’s how:

Solution: 216 kW of solar power ;  307 kWh of battery energy storage.

Twice a day on the farm, cows are milked using high power demanding equipment elevating electricity bill significantly. To cut these costs, owner Patrik Leo decided to make use of his large barn roof space and installed 216 kW. The problem however is that the cows are milked once before sunrise and once in the evening, at these times solar energy is unavailable or unable to fully meet the power demand of the machinery. This is where the battery storage comes in with great effect. Patrik can now store solar electricity generated over the day and distribute it at times when needed increasing his use of self-generated solar energy.

This combination makes it possible for Svenneby farm to fully run the daily operations of the farm on solar energy. The energy system at Svenneby farm generates 70 percent savings on electricity costs on an annual basis and reduces his reliance on the grid significantly.

Stella’s battery system is fully safety rated and approved by the agricultural fire protection committee as well as by the local fire authorities.

For me as a modern and forward-thinking farmer, it feels right to invest in the energy system of the future. I, like many with me, see that the trend is towards sharply increased energy costs and changed power tariffs. I already see that today, that is why I want to be able to plan my costs better and insure myself for future price increases, at the same time as I want to be more independent.

-Patrik Leo, owner of Svenneby Gård.

Battery systems are complex both in terms of optimal dimensioning, cost efficiency and high demands on safety. There are many different battery systems on the market, and all have their place, but it is important not to go wrong when looking at specific customer needs. For farmers with animal husbandry, we have together with Isorent AB identified a number of parameters that allow us to offer this particular energy system. Isorent AB is one of our two selected solar cell installers in Sweden that we work with when solar cells are also part of the energy system. The choice and design of the storage components in the energy system is made on the basis of a specific competence.

-Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO of STELLA Futura

Battery energy storage room with the TS HV70 battery system from Tesvolt.

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