ims to meet the exploding demand for on- and off grid energy solutions in the SSA market as well as key industry projects in Sweden

STOCKHOLM SWEDEN— 3 November 2020

STELLA FUTURA AB, the Swedish solar energy and storage company has raised MSEK 7,5 from the private investor Anders Klein in a record fast placement. The Klein invested capital is targeted to meet the fast growing demand for STELLA energy solutions in the Sub-Saharan Area and to make room for high-end industry projects in Sweden where demand now is picking up.

STELLA FUTURA develops, installs and commissions sustainable energy solutions mainly for C&I clients, focused on the Sub-Saharan market, but during 2020 expansion has started also in Sweden as sustainable solutions is on everyone’s lips and demand has picked up considerably. STELLA FUTURA is utilizing best-of-breed technology within solar energy and energy storage technology that can be installed and utilized in any climate zone or part of the world.

ANDERS KLEIN was introduced to STELLA FUTURA management in early October 2020 through the network of SEB Private Banking (Lars Arrfors). The placement was carried out less than three weeks thereafter, making Anders Klein not only an important shareholder (MSEK 7,5 rendering Klein a 6 percent shareholding) in an impressively fast investment process but also an experienced and strong competence addition to the STELLA FUTURA management going forward

“The current global energy swap, going from fossil fuelled solutions to sustainable energy sources, is craving innovative energy solutions combined with smart financing and reliable technology. The knowledge and development of robust and reliable energy storage solutions is still scarce but about to boom in the companies with the best technology and smartest plans for funding and expansion. It is a very interesting opportunity to invest in this fantastic fast expanding company. I have got a great impression of the people in Stella Futura. This company will help the customers to get effective sustainable energy solutions. I will also thank SEB for good cooperation in connection with this investment.”


– Anders Klein

“Investing in STELLA FUTURA means investing in the future and our committed team, with focus on high impact business and to share our green vision for sustainable energy solutions for generations to come. We have been looking out for a suitable investor with heart, mind, experience and corporate finance competence and we are overwhelmed to have found such a pristine investor and great person as Anders Klein. It just clicked when we met. We can now gear up and secure our business goals set for 2021 and take on projects in our pipeline with added strength and resources”


–Ulrika Tornerefelt Group CEO and co-founder of STELLA FUTURA

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