he increased demand for STELLA’s impact energy installations in Sub-Saharan Africa has generated new jobs and STELLA has been fortunate to recruit new talents to the team.

During the past three months we are happy to have welcomed: 

  • Francis Asante as CEO for STELLA Ghana Ltd
  • Dennis Boateng as senior design engineers within sustainable energy systems and energy storage technology

STELLA is also employing new talents, fresh from the engineering universities in Ghana:

  • Richard Yeboah as installation engineer
  • Sharon Morgan as sales administrator
  • Silas Asiedu Asamoah as design engineer

We are also very excited to announce growth in our European team:

  • Andres Rojaz as senior engineer within PV-system design and energy storage
  • Gunilla Sunnros as Company Growth strategist

Our growing team will help us to be able to do as much positive impact as possible through energy support. We do not only talk the talk, we also walk the walk. We adhere to principles of inclusion in our daily work, with a focus on gender equality, local ownership and local growth.

We have a 360 degrees approach to fulfill all the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG delivery – always.

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