ith this initiative Stella aims to encourage women to work in the energy sector. We want to get more women on the roofs of Solar PV installation. With more women we will get closer to gender equality within the energy sector.

Stella wants to promote the opportunities for women to work within the energy sector for a more sustainable future, green and equal. STELLA has already trained and certified over 40 women solar PV installers and we are eager to continue our work towards a higher number of women involved in our Solar PV installations.

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The importance of gender equality

(1) Alignment with the SDG’s

Stella is an impact company, meaning everything we do we strive to achieve impact according to the SDG’s. This is of course also applicable for SDG#5: Gender Equality.

(2) Research

Research shows the advantages of having a diversified workplace, where all ethnicities, genders and cultures are welcome. Some of the advantages are wider talent pool, multiple perspectives, enhanced collaboration, improve understanding of customer needs and greater profitability.

(3) The foundation of Stella

As a woman founded company, Stella has a ground of women initiatives. We want to continue forward with the values of the Stella foundation and further evolve women opportunities around the world.

Key Performance Indexes

Today we have 15% women contributing (site auduting, system design, installation and O&M) to installations of Stella Energy Systems. Until 2025 we strive to increase this number to >30%.



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