STELLAs new student project: Creating Shared Values ​​by evaluating project with state-of-the-art technology of energy storage

 In 2019

Positive impact on the world is not something we do alongside our core business, it’s rather our whole corporate idea. Companies that make money by making the world better we need more of.


he driving forces for us at STELLA Futura are not just about improving conditions for more and cleaner energy which in itself save lives, but also about “Creating shared values” together with partners all over the world. We are a company that makes profit with purpose. We are proud of it, but also frustrated that it takes too long to change the world to the better.

When we say we do not believe in foreign aid for positive development in the world we are sometimes questioned, but we are convinced that sustainable growth and allowing young people, not least young women, to be part of finding the solution to the problems we see in the world is a better – and more sustainable – way forward. That approach, together with new technology and entrepreneurship, is the future.

In many ways we are a pioneer in our industry, because we live our ideas about economic, social and environmental sustainability. In our operations, we put focus on achieving the UN’s 17 sustainability development goals (SDGs). Not just one of them, but all.

STELLA Futura offers state of the art energy storage technology that at the same time lowers the energy cost for our customers. This saves lives. We also offer tools for young people to develop professionally and feel that they have power over their own lives so they can take the lead and continue to change the world for the better – preferably at a faster pace than we have succeeded with so far.

To continue on this path, Stella Futura has launched a student project between KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm, Sweden and UENR (University of Energy and Natural Resources) in Sunyani, Ghana. Students from both countries will together measure the environmental and economic impact of the major project we are doing together with CHAG (Christian Health Association in Ghana) to supply a larger pipeline of hospitals with safe, reliable and affordable renewable energy solutions. The solutions include Solar PV and Battery storage. The purpose of this project is to evaluate the CO2-emission reductions from a chosen STELLA-installation, compared to a base line scenario (only utilizing grid supply and diesel gen set back up).

 We are extremely proud to have been able to make a large STELLA installation at a pediatric clinic in Accra, Ghana, in collaboration with The Rebecca Foundation. However, we believe in measuring success. By starting this collaboration between KTH and UENR, we will be able to measure both the environmental and economic impact of the installation, which is important for future projects

-Ulrika Tornerefelt, group CEO of STELLA Futura.

STELLA Futura means the star of the future. For us, it is important to let young people, especially young women, be part of STELLA’s business. As the students between two universities now will collaborate and do this evaluation, we also hope to contribute to their professional development so that in the future they can continue to develop, test and evaluate new technological solutions – in order to make the world a little better.

-Ulrika Tornerefelt, group CEO of STELLA Futura.

Only through this project, as STELLA Futura collaborates with students and universities, we comprise several of the UN’s global sustainability goals in our operational work.

No. 4 – Quality education

No. 5 – Gender equality

We deliberately choose female students to encourage a more equal engineering sector

No. 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Stella Futura is working with universities to take part of the latest research and development, to incorporate it into our energy storage solutions

No. 17 – Partnerships for the goals

We are not just talking about difference. With our world leading technology, we also make a difference – together with global partners who share our vision and values.

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